Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Our 2016 Cruising begins- Roanne/Briennon/Artaix/Le Croix Rouge/ Canal Lateral a Loire Coulanges/Dijou/Beaulon

We've really enjoyed our first week cruising.  Some moorings have been very quiet, so no socialising, other moorings have been very sociable, we really like both.  We are heading towards Briare where we will probably have to turn around as there was a breach in the canal north of Briare which may not be repaired by the time we get there.  We plan to have a relaxed time cruising this year, repeating canals we've travelled before but stopping at different moorings, where we can.  We will be returning to Roanne for our winter mooring at the end of September all being well.

Tuesday 19th July - Tuesday 28th July
Cruising Week 1

Day 1 - Roanne to Briennon 3 hours 15km 3 locks
(The boulangerie was closed for 3 weeks holiday! The church clock still strikes on the hour x 2 which means at midday it strikes x 24, so you certainly know the time at Briennon)

Day 2 -Briennon to Artaix 2.5 hrs 15km 0 locks 

Day 3 -Artaix to Le Croix Rouge 19km 4 locks 
Day 4 -We stayed at Le Croix Rouge (Thunderstorms forecast that never appeared) We saw 3 Storks circling far in the distance

Day 5 -Le Croix Rouge to Coulange 3 hrs 13km 4 locks
Day 6 -We stayed at Coulanges so that we could watch the Hungarian Grand Prix 

Day 7 -Coulanges to Dijou 2.5 hrs 12km 3 locks 

Day 8 -Dijou to Beaulon 1.5 hrs 12km 3 locks

Leaving our winter mooring on a lovely sunny day

We will be back to Roanne at the end of September all being well

He is happy, really!!

Our first lock, about a half a meter drop, hardly worth tying on for!

Beautiful Canal de Roanne à Digoin

Bourg Le Comte Lock  7m drop

The lock gates open for us to exit

Le Croix Rouge on the Roanne Canal - A good mooring, electric and water you pay for via tokens
that you can purchase from the machine using a debit card

Dijou - with a fellow Piper Barge 65' Calliope
We had a drinks with owners Stewart and Lesley and their American friends Jenny and Charlie
Stewart and Lesley amazed us with the distance they've travelled already this year

Kev hasn't forgotten how the drive the boat

We are always happy when we find a local boulangerie and its open!

Beaulon, we stayed here 2 years ago, a nice mooring but rather busy with motorhomes
We spent a couple of sociable evenings with Andrew and Laurel off Affleur D,O